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Study Trip of DS 2017-2018 Programme Students to Estonia


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From October 28 to November 2, the students of the Diplomatic School of Armenia visited Estonia as part of their study programme. They had meetings at the Estonian School of Diplomacy, at Estonia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the Parliament and at a number of educational and non-governmental organizations in Tallinn and Tartu.

The visit started with the Estonian School of Diplomacy, where the DS students had an introductory meeting with Ekke Nõmm, the Director of the School, about the regional and foreign policies of Estonia and the cooperation between the Estonian School of Diplomacy and the Diplomatic School of Armenia. On the same day, the students met with Raul Mälk, a former Foreign Minister and currently the Special Envoy for the Baltic Sea Region at the MFA, and Priit Turk, former Estonian Ambassador to Georgia and Armenia and currently the Director of East Europe and Central Asia Department of the MFA.

From October 30 to November 1, the students had meetings with Marko Mihkelson, Chairman of the Foreign Policy Committee of the Estonian Parliament, Katrin Höövelson, Economic Advisor at the European Commission Representation in Estonia, Aap Neljas, Senior Research Fellow of the Estonian Center for Eastern Partnership, as well as Elizabeth Horst, Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy to Estonia. The students attended lectures delivered by Marina Kaljurand, a former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Lauri Bambus, Head of the Protocol Department of the MFA and Raul Rebane, a communication consultant. The DS students visited the Mektory Centre at the Tallinn University of Technology, as well as the e-Estonia Showroom and learned about the Estonian experience on e-Governance. A meeting with the students of the Estonian School of Diplomacy was also held.

The meetings and lectures dwelled upon the challenges and priorities of the Estonian foreign policy, the bilateral relations between Estonia and Armenia, cyber diplomacy, some principles and manifestations of the information warfare and other related topics.

On the last day of the trip, the students of the Diplomatic School of Armenia visited Tartu and attended lectures by Eiki Berg, Professor of International Relations at the Johann Skytte Institute of Political Studies at the University of Tartu and Viljar Veebel, an expert in security issues.  

The study trip was organized within the scope of cooperation between the Diplomatic School of Armenia and the Estonian School of Diplomacy.